How to rent an apartment in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

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Here is what it takes to rent an apartment in Japan.

1. Initial Cost

Shikikin (Refundable deposit): equivalent to 2-3 month rent

Reikin(None refundable Key Money): equivalent to 0-1 month rent

Rent for comming month

Real Estate Agent fee: equivalent to 1 month rent

Tenant Insurance: depends

2. Guarantor

Local guarantor is neccesary.

If you do not have the guarantor, there is a guarantor system available.

Check with real estate agent.

3. Furniture

The general apartment does not have furniture, electric appliances, nor curtain.

You might need:

Bed or Futon, Curtain, carpet

TV, Microwave, Refregerator, Toaster, Lights,

Gas cook top

3. Rental term

General contract term is for two years.

If you are staying in Sendai for less than two years, or even less than a year, you might think about staying in a furnished single month contract apartment.

We have following apartments available for foreign visitors.

VialCity Sendai

Alice Mizunomori

Tohoku University, Furnished Apartment

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More and more international students visit Sendai to study at Tohoku University, which  is ranked number 49 worldwide according to Global University Ranking in 2009.

Students have hard time finding apartments because of the difference in local renting style.

Normally the contract for the apartment is for two years and the room is not furnished.  And local guarantor is necessary for the contract. Also, this contract requires SHIKIKIN (deposit: equivalent to 2 to 3 month rent) .

If you rent an apartment which monthly rent is JPY50,000, initial cost would be JPY250,000 to JPY300,000. Plus you may have to arrange furniture and electric appliances.

For the International student , this expense is too much.

The other choice is furnished apartment which is locally called as ‘MONTHLY APARTMENT’.  ‘MONTHLY APARTMENT’ is furnished and is available without Shikikin nor Guarantor.

The average  monthly rent is about JPY100,000 and up per month.

While some reasonable rated furnished apartments are available.

Please contact us for further detals.

International call : 81-22-264-4666

Domestic tool free : 0120-818-001